About free4biz

Free4biz was started in 2006 with a simple idea of buying one professional service and getting another service for free. Over the years it has been developed in its fundamental areas of photography and website design branching out into other areas of marketing and helping business in developing their own product photography.
In 21st Century Britain things are changing rapidly. One minute only an expensive advertisement would guarantee exposure to your goods and services to a large targeted audience the next word of mouth social media can sky rocket your ideas, cheaply or free. This has advantages and disadvantages. It means one has to keep abreast of social/economic trends and see how these things possible could influence ones marketing strategies. Simply put Free4biz looks for the most cost effective ways to promote your product.
Got any god ideas of how you could contribute to f4b then let us know. This offer is open to like minded people with similar ideas. It assumes you have looked over the site and understood the basic concept. F4b is not interested in an agencies or similar companies to manage it but geniune ideas which either complement its core values or adds different services to its growing list.

Detailed Services