Art Work 4 your Business

Created for the Mill
Art work is business

This piece of art was mounted on thin MDF to decorate the room of a carpentry business, they used for a guest reception. They asked for individual art work that reflected their bespoke joinery services. The art work could also have been mounted on canvas, metal sheet, or simply been framed and mounted using anti-reflective glass which is suitable for rooms that use spot or fluorescent lighting. For a free consultation in the Kent area email for a free consultation in the Kent area.

Art work for closing down fire station
Unique to your work

It's not just business or offices that request art. This fire engine, that was mounted on a canvas was done for a former fire fighter who wanted a piece of art taken from a photo of a fire engine. The novel way that free4biz takes on art means that a picture that is taken by us or yourself can be turned into creative art work that cannot be bought in a gallery. This work is ideal to mount on walls and instantly gives a plain room ambience. email for a free consultation in the Kent area.

Your business reflected in Art

You could simply go to a well known super store and buy cheap art to adorn your work walls. Giant pictures of stones and flowers will, of course, make your place of work look like anywhere else.

However, if you would prefer something with a little thought that can't be found in IKEA, then you have come to the right place. Free4biz can turn your products and or services into fun works of art, for reasonable prices that won't break the bank.