DIY Photography

The set ups shown here and in the video are to be taken for illustration purposes only, on how to conduct DIY photography. The video on the right created by Gavin Hoey, as seen from youtube, gives you an idea how easy it would be to create your own product studio for small items.

Admittedly, this model is aimed at someone who has simple product photography in mind, for instance an eBay business. See below for more information. If you are a company that produces or sells large objects, such as furniture or baths then the studio has to be the size of a room.

Free4biz can help you set up a large studio: advising on what lights and camera equipment to buy from independant retailers plus create a proper manual, in which your employees can use to take great pics of your products. See example below .
DIY Manual
Get a manual

Free4biz has created manuals for companies that require a set of intructions for any employee to pick up without prior knowledge of photography, let alone product photography. The key to a successful manual is that it is planned around your set up and goods that you sell or distribute. The manual pictured here was created for a bathroom distribution company in Kent. All consultations followed by a quote is free so why not contact us to set up a meeting to look at your options.

Get your own studio

If you are a relatively large company that has a product line that needs updating for the net or a brochure, then getting professional photography for every update does not make economic sense. However, creating a studio that is a dedicated room that has the lights set up and are already to place your product down and snapped by one of your employees is the way to go. For a free consultation in the Kent area contact us now.

diy studio
eBay selling

If your item to be photographed is smaller than an A3 sheet then it is relatively easy to set up a small scale studio with continuous lighting or natural lighting. Even if you have a compact camera you still can do a sterling job at capturing a image that is good enough for a website, brochure, flyer and or eBay shop. The setup illustrated here is pretty much it and with a digital camera you are taking the guess work out of the results. Best of all there is plenty of fun to be had a long the way. The top light might be used to get rid of ugly shadows.

Land Design Partnership
Pro photography

As already discussed it is a good idea to do as much of the photography yourself, if you are updating a website on a regular basis or have a catalogue with lots of images. Professional photography comes into its own when you need a cover for a brochure or the main pictures for flyers or a website. These photographs are the first images that your client sees and will reflect your company's image or branding. Do not let down an otherwise great product with inferior photography.