Event Photography 4 most Occasions

Racing Days at Brands Hatch
Development Days
There are company development days, which just consist of meetings, speeches and cups of tea; and then there are fun company outings.
These events are really fun giving you an opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally do like motor racing, like the example here, which took place at Brands Hatch. Get free photography, if you going with more than 25 employees and is within the Kent area, then book on-line now, from the calendar on the right.
A business conference at an hotel
At some conferences where you have many delegates that need to be photographed then free photography might be the ideal way to go.

The bulk of the costs of the photographer, transportation and or equipment fees at the venue is waived and you would pay only for the prints. The charge per prints would be reasonable and based on the size of the image. For a free consultation in the Kent area contact us now.

The '59 Club's 50th anniversary at Leeds Castle
If you are part of a club or organisation which is holding a special anniversary dinner, meeting or festival and whose members would like to be photographed for free then contact free4biz. The group photographed here are members of the '59Club. They were all former doctors at Guy's hospital in London and met up at Leeds Castle in Kent for their 50th anniversary celebrations. Free4biz created a souvenir book and video of their special evening, at an affordable cost.
Art work for closing down fire station
Social Events

You might be a dance troupe or a Womens Institute branch that is hosting or attending a special show where photography and or video might be fun to have as a record of that event. F4B can capture the event on stills or video at low cost and even create a souvenir book and or dvd.
For more information please make contact with your date's time and details of the event for a quote, by clicking on the calendar.

Event Functions

There are all sorts of events that can be photographed, too many types to list all here. The best thing is to email the details and see whether your function is eligible for free photography.

The booking form on this page is just a way to request a photographer. Please note that all emails will be answered but there is no guarantee that a photographer will turn up unless agreed upon in writing beforehand.