Free third party sites

Say No to 0845 numbers

This is a nifty little site that tries to source a geographical telephone number of a company that you have found that is offering only a non-geographical number like: 0845, 0500, 0808, 0842, 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872 and 0873 numbers. The site often has the free 0800 number listed.

Free eMail Shots

Mailchimp is a great resource if you are considering an email campaign. It provides templates, tips and support for anyone wanting to send web based emails that are colourful and informative to the receiver. Providing you don't exceed the 2000/month posting allowance your account will remain free. You can do this by yourself or F4B can help with the imagery and or the management depending on your budget.

Free Stock Photography

Getty Images have taken over this site recently, but hopefully it will remain free or cheap. To get your hands on some of these giveaways. Browse at your leisure or try other similiar sites.

Free Website Templates

There are many of these sites out in cybespace. This one site is an example of simple web layouts which you can use or have modified by F4B

Free WiFi Hotspots

A handy webtool to locate free internet connections whilst you are on the go. Could come in useful if you are meeting a client for a coffee and wish to go over internet related business or just for checking emails whilst sipping an Americano.

Renting 0800 numbers

0800 numbers generate three times as many calls as a business with a standard regional number. Potential customers will look for firms that have an 0800 number when browsing directories. People believe firms with 0800 numbers are more reliable and efficient.. An estimated 50% of advertisers now use an 0800 number in their adverts. It's worth checking out if your budget covers such expenses.


Most people have heard of this free communication program. You can hook up to another Skype user anywhere in the world for free. If both of you have built in cameras you can also see the person you are talking to. It has other smart features built in like the ability to share documents in a collaborative fashion on-line. If you need to call abroad using a mobile you can buy Skype credit and ring overseas for a fraction of the normal BT price.

Free Blogging sites

Wordpress is the definitive blogging space. Although, if this appears too daunting then you can always use Blogger which is a very straightforward free blooging package

Test Your Broadband Speed

You can test your broadband speed by clicking here