Help (FAQs)

Who should be using the free4biz services

The internet only progresses because there are people out there who contribute for free. Although, not every thing that is free is suitable for an individual's needs. That's why free4biz and other web designers and developers continue to make a living. Not everyone wishes to sift through hundreds of pages and thousands of scripts to make the perfect site for free. So some clients require some or all the help producing the ideal site for them.

How to make the best of the site

Over the following pages you will find ideas, services and skills that will improve your web presence for free or at a low cost. Even if you already have a website you can get ideas on how to refurbish it or optimize it for Google and other search engines. All the skills you need are on the web for free. This site will, hopefully, point you in the right direction or put you in touch with people who can help you. Even if you have a great site it is worth checking out the other business resources here. For whole site navigation at F4B you can find it here: free4biz sitemap

Are there any catches?

No. Any of the information that is freely available on the web will not be charged for. Fees, if charged, are clearly marked for services which require expertise beyond the scope of this site. For instance, if you would like free4biz help in making the structure of your site Google friendly. Or require photography outside a package deal. There are also scripts, flash animations and the like, which, if you source them, can be added at no extra costs unless they need to be customised for your particular web site.

Should I do everything free4biz offers myself?

Yes, if you can. Although, free4biz promotes DIY it has to be balanced with cost effectiveness of the time and effort verses commercial viability.