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Party Photography

Having a 30th, 40th, 50th birthday bash where the guests are dressing up in black tie or fancy dress? You could get a pro-snapper turn up capturing guests arrival and or group pictures to mark the special birthday forever. This might be the only chance to capture your friends, family members, or aquaintainces in fun or formal attire. Pictures would be able to be purchased individually or part of a package deal. Please book the date from the calendar on the right of the page.

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School Balls

School balls or Leavers balls are glamorous affairs. Some pupils turn up in limos; some pupils wear dikie bows and ball gowns; but they all look fabulous. Free4biz can come to the beginning of the ball to get all the guests arriving in their fab gear. The resulting photographs would be able to be purchased from this website. Book early as this is a busy time when many balls and dances are held on the same days. All balls are covered from primary, secondary and adult balls. All are for free.

Party, party, party...

In recession Britain one can still party in the tradition that separates us from the continent. We know how to let our hair down in the UK. Fancy dress parties are great fun.

Ah yes, the cost. It's free get a photographer for £0.00 to turn up and snap your guests on the red carpet. They only pay, if they want to order the great pics of themselves having fun. Book now, from the calendar.