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It takes two Free4biz can apply all the usual seo tactics as far as designing and structuring your website, but without your input it won't be sufficient to keep your search engine ranking high. You have to do your bit by keeping your site fresh and updated. Sites that are updated on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis are in search engine terms vibrant and relevant. Sites that don't follow these practices are effectively overlooked for ones that do.
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There are tens of thousands of websites launched in Europe daily so Google does not have people rating individual web pages, as this would be clearly impractical. It firstly, has Googlebots (imagine little robots, if you will) that crawl the millions of websites, worldwide to work out their geographical, categorical and informative relevance, in the context of the present time. The more your site keeps udated the more likelihood of Google moving it up higher on their web page search rankings.

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First page on Google It's not rocket science and anyone who tells you it is, isn't telling you the truth. Yes, Google asseses web pages using something called algorithms, but that's about as complicated as it gets. You either get on the first page by paying for it, as in google ads or by sheer hard work by marketing your business in much the same way as you would, if you were based on the High Street.
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In simple terms, you'll find that the sites that tend to be on the first page of a Google search results, unless created by forward thinking website designers, will be quite boring looking with plenty of pages with lots of text with some pictures and interactivity.

Just look at major sites like, Google, Ebay, PayPal and Amazon to prove the point. They are boring looking but they do what they say on the tin and, most importantly, they have lots of other sites linking back to them.

Your web business should market itself as the High Street does with: strong branding and showing off its uniqueness, to its client base. There are some great free resources out there to get your message across from Mailchimp (a newsletter, marketing facility) to organisations (guilds, professional bodies, societies etc.,) that your company might belong to that will let their client base know about yours. Generally speaking, all the info you need on optimising for Google can be found on Google's own website for free.

It is necessary, though to plough through all their texts and tutorials, to get the great SEO tips. The good news is that free4biz has already got the SEO knowledge and has builds it into every package. It is worth remembering that free4biz works with the client and ensures that they play their part in helping themselves. See other sections on Social marketing and advertising on a budget to see your part in all of this.

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Links to your website Lots of web traffic coming to your web pages from other sources, can only boost your rankings in search enquiries. Obviously, it is good practice to have complementary sites linking to your website to give more relevance to the visitor. A recommendation to Google is the thumbs up for your site. Your web business should conduct itself as if it were a physical company; where word of mouth counts.
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This is where the hard work begins. You need to look through all your client lists from customer's own clients who might be a good target market to retailer's and distributer's of your products and or services, who would be obvious companies to get linked to you.

It's the on-line equivalent of calling in a favour. The only thing to consider is the reputation of your brand when linking to another site. Make sure that you would be comfortable in recommending them as well.

To give you a practical example. If you were a dentist and you had flyers for a sweet shop down the street in your waiting room it wouldn't send out a great message; but if the handouts were advertising a toothbrush that your clients could get a favourable discount on when using your services.., well, you get the picture. Much of what is said or inferred is good business sense.

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No nos on Google In the early days of the internet search engines would be influenced by a little coding called "meta tags" that would guide them to your site; but with a lot of abuse by pornographic web designers, it's alot harder to maintain good seo rankings. So anything that can't be read by search engines, such as flash sites you might as well lose.
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There's an extensive list of no, nos far too many to mention here but you'll find in your dealings with free4biz all about good practice.
It takes a little time to build up a good on-line presence but for the modest cost of building a website you will be saving £££s on advertising through traditional means like radio and print, if you don't have a budget for such media outlets.

Social Networking tips with free4biz

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Thumbs up People who surf the internet can often behave like sheep and like sheep need a virtual sheep dog to "guide" them to the site they ought to see, namely yours. Social media like, facebook, twitter, linkedin and many more are like the sheep dogs of cyber space and can guide potential web traffic to your website. This will improve your SEO ratings and, more importantly, get alot of welcome exposure of your sight to a global audience.

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Viral marketing Ever since the comercialisation of the internet web designers have tried every way to get their site(s) noticed. When you click on a link or site that has a high ranking it isn't always a rewarding experience. Take the "Charlie bit my finger" phenomena on youtube. A simple search can find this funny but banal video on youtube but millions of people have seen it netting the originators more than £250,000 in advertising revenue. This tells us one thing getting lots of people clicking onto your site can be profitable.

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Correct usage Setting up these networks is easy and, of course, free. The only things to consider how to incorporate them into your site so that they are a benefit and not a hinderance.
If your site is offering free information or is a blog Facebook has lots of "like us" and "facepile" plugins that you can embed into your site for free. The only thing to keep in mind is what the perceived "image" of your site is.

If you are running a political blog then twitter is the way to go, but if you were hosting a site about that had a serious topic the casualness of some plugins might be inappropriate.
I once visited a site that had a twitter feed with inappropriate language running and it seemed detrimental to the site's otherwise demure theme.

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Business networking The business networking of choice is Linkedin, where you can link to other like minded or complementary companies that can provide mutual business. This is the essence of the internet that you have the ability to have a national link to appropriate businesses that can help your web presence and ultimately help to expand your internet business. The only down side to business networking is that one has to participate to get anything out of it, which of course means more emails and more communication.

Marketing and Advertising tips with free4biz

Advertising on a budget

Advertising has always been a good way to get your business out there and noticed. In the past there were only a limited number of ways to advertise via newspapers, tv, radio and on banners. These days you can still do it in a traditional fashion but to be successful you have to have a sustained advertising campaign and this can eat into a limited budget. If you have a local business then consider increasing your footfall and or visits to your site in a geographical radius first.

This is how the Google search engine works: not many people would just type in "dentist" as a search term because the subsequent listing would not focus on surgeries in their area. It would probably be written more like: "dentist in kent" and the really savvy surfer might write, "dental surgery in ..(their town's name).." This is a simple example to show how targeting your market is the best way to secure optimum footfall. Of course, this is a simplified business model and it might not cover what you do exactly so F4B has to work with a client to ascertain what, possibly, would be a good, low cost or free marketing tool applicable to an individual company.

To give you an example of "free advertising" if you involve your local newspaper and or your local radio station in an event it could give you free promotion to your target audience. Media outlets tend to be interested in areas that could make you stand out in a novel way. So if you were holding a fun event or had an offer or competition it might be mentioned and increase your footfall or sales.

Marketing is the approach and method of advertising. A campaign is the only way to get your business noticed. One of the chief ways of doing this on a budget is by having a mailing list and "pushing" your ideas to all the potential clients on that list. Nowadays, to gather a list of emails, if your business does not have a physical presence is to gather information through competitions (if applicable to the nature of your business) or surveys or through other businesses mailing lists.

With a database of names you could send web-styled emails that land in the mailboxes, on a regular basis, of all your clients. There are plenty of free services out there that help you create graphic based emails for those of whom that have no skills in html coding. The only thing to keep in mind, is not to spam subscribers and to allow them to unsubscribe from your mailings.

There are many other ways to get your brand noticed 24/7 by utilizing what you already have. For instance, if you have a car then you could always add a decal on the side with your company logo, plus your website address. F4B can create the right vehicle designs, that suit the shape of your car or van. Please remember, with a little out-of-the-box thinking there will be many ways for the budget conscious to promote their business to the public.

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