Social Photography 4 all Occasions

Created for the Mill

If you are holding an event where guests would like a momento of the evening then free photography is the way to go, as this will cost your guests nothing for a photographer to turn up. Payment is only for ordered prints and or a souvenir book of the event. The above photograph was taken of the 59 Club, at Leeds Castle in Kent. The reunion of former Guys Hospital doctors. This anniversary resulted in a souvenir book and many group photographs of former colleagues and friends.

Art work for closing down fire station
Religious events

Bar mitzvah, Holy Communions and many other religious ceremonies are ideal for pro-photography. A record of the great day is paramount. It would be a shame to only capture such an occasion on a phone or from a guest snap. The above Holy Communion imagery was done in a discreet way as not to hamper or impede the ceremony, but guests were able to buy a souvenir booklet and or photographs to commemorate the religious ceremony.

Social & Religious Functions

There are many special occasions that would suggest a photographic record were the order of the day. Free4biz photography is for occasions where you would like your guests to be guests and not photographers.

A professional photographer would come to your event and cover it, without ruining it. You would be able to work with the photographer cordinating what pictures should be covered. Book now for cover.