Terms and Conditions

Links to other sites

The web is constantly evolving and changing. What's new today can seem of little relevance in a matter of years. F4B will try and keep content fresh and, more to the point, meaningful to small business users. However, sites outside of this one, that F4B links to might change or might not be suitable for a visitor's changing needs. Just keep an open mind and use your own judgement.

No guarantees

Keeping in mind of what was said above, F4B cannot guarantee or endorse 100% material found on other sites. Please use common sense and or other forums if you need to purchase, install or change anything in your business model to accommodate new information gleaned from a third person site.

Be realistic

If you sign up for a website with F4B but you are not prepared to market, advertise, spread the word of your business and believe a website will make you money without any input from yourself then you might need to re-think your business model. Business is business and it relies on work. A website is one of the tools or methods that can enable your business to work for you but it does need your input. F4B can help you along the way with your questions and support for your ideas.


Whatever your web project F4B would either require a deadline or a deposit up front if the website is a large or complicated site that could take months to create.