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Free photography
Can you imagine eBay or Amazon without pictures? Your business also needs accurate photography that reflects your products and or services. Get pro-photography for £0.00.

Pro-photography will enhance your site by separating it from your competitors. The free side not only saves you £££s but it stops you adding amateurish pics to a pro-looking site.
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Photography is not suitable for conveying all types of imagery and so free4biz offers other types of graphics, too.

This can be adding a logo or applying a graph etc. Depending on what is requested some modest charges might apply (the client would have prior warning) if this is the case.
stock photo
stock photography
As you trawl through the internet, stock imagery can seem to be the order of the day. Where the client requests this free4biz will always source the free options first.

The advantage of stock photography is where your services aren't as tangible as other businesses such as financial services; or if your company is conducted from your sitting room, and therefore, wouldn't lend itself to pro-photography.